Alsace Grand Cru Rangen

"The Steep Hill"




The grandest of the Grands Crus and the only one on volcanic rocks. This soil, combined with a 60-degree slope, make for tiny yields of hard-won fruit.... but the results are worth the struggle, the concentration and depth of this wine is extraordinary.


Such is the regard for the wines of Rangen that they have inspired countless

poets; Michel de Montaigne in the 16th century perhaps the most celebrated.



VARIETY : Dry Riesling


SOIL : The Grand Cru Rangen is the only vineyard in Alsace on volcanic rocks. Rock. The hardness of the rock makes the soil stony and its dark colour favours heat retention.


VINEYARD : This extreme vineyard of 35 years old, is ranging from 320 to 450 m in altitude, faces due south and its slopes are steepest in Alsace (60°). The entire vineyard works have to be done exclusively by hands is very hard conditions.



Considered as the Montrachet of Alsace, the grand cru Rangen inspired countless poets, such as Michel de Montaigne, who is probably the most famous.



On the nose high aromatics with earth notes dominating... minerals, rocks. Terrific palate presence, lots of minerals and white grapefruit, all of which is easy to discern on the nose as well. Dense, rich and dry. If you keep your hands off these Alsace Rieslings long enough to give them at least 5 or 6 years of bottle age.


AGEING POTENTIAL : 20-25 years


WINE & FOOD :Homard Thermidor, crayfish court bouillon, poached turbot with hollandaise sauce, seafood skewers with béarnaise sauce.