About us



A common passion for Alsace Grands Crus wines.



The Biecher & Schaal winery has been created in 2011 as a result of a joint venture between Olivier Biecher & Julien Schaal . Both share the same passion fo great Grands Crus in Alsace.


Olivier Biecher, owner of the eponymous wine negociant company, from a long time wanted to smell again the aromas of wine in is familly historic cellar .


Julien Schaal became a winemaker as a result of passion - as opposed to family background. From his first vintage in Alsace in 1999, he has apprenticed with a number of the world's foremost winemakers for several years in Burgundy & Rhône valley but Also South Africa & Libanon. He has introducing his own wines in 2004 and still produce wine in South Africa (www.julienschaal.com)


Sophie Bollaert has joint the team in 2013. Graduated as winemaker from Burgundy university, her commitment the entire produce has no limite. From orgenizing the harvest , though the winemaking and bottling , she is also an ambassador of our wines.